“My fitness journey and lifestyle started with Karla back in 2016 and I’ve been rocking with her every since. I can count on her to challenge me. She provides the guidance and support in fitness and nutrition. We handle business when it comes to staying healthy and fit and we have a great time doing it. Any woman who is ready for a healthy and fit lifestyle change should join us!”
Lakeitha Benson

“This program is awesome! It’s fun and the healthy tips you learn to apply will be easier to do than you think. Doing it with friends makes it better! All the support and encouragement is great. In Karla’s words: Just do it!”
Latisha Cassandra Hawkins

“Meeting my sweet soror has been a BLESSING!!! I started at 223 and I now weigh 177! If you’re ready and need the guidance call her and stick with it! I’m never turning back. My new mantra is DCD: Dedication, Consistency, and Determination!”
Felicia Smith

“It has really been exciting! This has been a great experience and has pushed me to be the best me. I’m actually on week 18 and plan to sign up again! I’ve lost 7 inches off of my waist and pounds!
Liz J.