I can’t say enough about being an assertive decision maker for your personal life.

It may sound kind of weird because most of us would think that making decisions are up to the individual person, but do you know how many people are indecisive about making positive life changes? Lots of people are! This is the reason that there are so many therapists, coaches, and mentors. Sometimes people really need guidance in the important things.

I recently had a conversation with someone who feels desperate to make some healthy lifestyle changes. These are changes that their doctor has told them will greatly improve their health. This person’s struggle with taking action in order to live really made me realize that it can be very hard to do what we know is best for us. But, why?

It happens, not just in the area of health, but also in our careers and our relationships. When I combined my personal fitness trainer skills with mindset and transformation life coaching, my goal was to really help people understand and overcome limiting beliefs that keep them from reaching their personal goals. Do you know that one of the most common limiting beliefs is: I can’t do it/This is going to be hard…

Building a Healthy Lifestyle 

I’m going to make this quick and easy. Building a healthy lifestyle, building a great career, building a wonderful marriage/relationship, etc isn’t hard but it does start with a decision…periodt! Of course, some of these require others to be on board, but let’s just talk about the ones that you/I have control over…healthy lifestyle.

People who know exactly what they want may struggle with the next step, taking action.

It’s that “where do I begin” conundrum. Here’s the easy answer: get help and guidance, or start with an easy goal.

When I decided to build a healthy lifestyle years ago, I started with reducing the amount of Mello-Yello sodas I drank daily. Oh my, what a great decision! I decided instead of drinking 2 cans per day, I’d drink one. After I saw success, saw that I could do it, I decided to only drink 3 per week. By week 2, I was only drinking 1 soda per week. By the end of month 1, I had stopped drinking sodas and had lost 5 pounds! I hadn’t even started with the fitness or food. The point here is that I took some form of action. That action turned into a  habit because I made the decision to repeat it each day. And, you know what they say about doing the same thing over and over…it sticks

Do you have any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your personal goals?

I’d love to share more information with you about mindset and how to recognize and overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back.


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