Savvy Tusker Fitness seeks to help our clients improve lose weight and improve their health through healthy fitness and nutrition.  Our programs are designed to provide support, motivation, and accountability to those who desire lasting transformation and weight loss maintenance.

Savvy and Exclusive VIP Day…$1497

Are you ready to start your healthy lifestyle change but find that you are just too busy to join our weekly group fitness sessions? Perhaps, the semi self-guided program sounds great but you’re hesitant about starting a program that you may not complete. If that sounds like you, I’d like to invite you to join me for my Savvy and Exclusive VIP Day. This exclusive coaching day will be dedicated only to you! This exclusive package consists of 5 hours of private consultation and coaching that includes:

  • Assessment of physiological data related to metabolism and weight loss
  • Thorough assessment of short and long term weight and fitness goals
  • Workbook and specific plans for moving forward
  • Mindset Modification Session…and so much more!
  • **Requires $200 consultation fee which will go towards program fee**
  • Email for booking


30 Pounds Down…$497

This signature group program is the very best weight loss and fitness program that you can participate in. This program provides 12 weeks of weekly guidance, motivation, and support to help you reach your weight loss goals. Individuals who have used this program leave with a lifetime of resources and knowledge to help them stay healthy and fit. This program can be split into 2 payments.

  • Virtual weekly workouts
  • Delicious meal plans and a snacks list to ensure you’re eating nutritious foods
  • Membership portal to login for weekly to-do tasks and activities
  • Private Facebook group to stay motivated with other members…and so much more!

Mindful Nutrition Coaching…$397

Savvy Tusker Fitness seeks to help our clients lose weight and improve their health through healthy fitness and nutrition.  We understand that changing eating habits is one of the hardest things to do and not creating healthier eating habits can be the downfall of any good program. Our nutrition coaching is designed for those who need accountability and guidance so that they can reach their overall goals. This program includes:

  • Private Facebook community
  • 36 personalized and nutritious meal plans
  • 12-week nutrition monitoring with 2 weekly 30 minute accountability calls
  • Weekly detox and intermittent fasting schedule and monitoring
  • Actionable workbook and client portal

Audacity Confidence Coaching…$150

As a certified life and confidence coach, I understand that there can be a disconnect between wanting to badly to reach your goals and having doubts about whether or not you can really make them happen. Guess what? You can! I am here to give you the strategies you need for mental toughness that will boost your confidence and help you boss up and reach your goals. This course consists of 3 hours of:

  • Probing questions to understand the deeper desire
  • Goal setting and planning for success
  • Barrier slayer strategies
  • Positive self talk and self-monitoring
  • Bold and fearless audacity tasks
  • 30 minute mini-sessions also available



Self-improvement in any area of life is truly to be commended, but it can also be scary because it requires a great deal of change and commitment. Oftentimes, people are ready but they don’t know where to start. If you need help choosing the best program to help you meet your needs and fitness goals, I would be more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions. Remember, you can do this!