I know that I talk alot about exercise. I mean, hey, it’s what I do. But, today I want to remind you about the importance of rest.

I say that rest and exercise are related because you can’t do one without the other. Think about it, unless you’re well rested you cannot workout or exercise to your best ability. And, most people feel really energized and ready to perform after they’ve given their body a much needed break.

Rest is apart of self-care and that doesn’t just mean laying on the bed or propping your feet up on the couch. Rest can be setting aside time to read a book, listen to a podcast, take a nap, get a massage. Rest is whatever you do that puts your mind at ease and allows you to destress.

We, women, especially have to take time to rest our bodies and minds. We are not men, (not that we want to be) they are expected to do all the things (work, provide, fix/repair) and they need rest too. But us, especially need to take time from all the things that we take on.

Speaking from my own experience, I REQUIRE a moderate amount of rest after pushing my body and mind. I workout several times per week, I work my main job as a teacher, and I work on the business side of my side hustle. That can be draining and when my body says enough I take heed. So, Sunday is my day to really relax and focus on my well-being. I call it Self-Care Sundayl

Are you taking care of you? Are you purposely doing things to make sure that you are rested in mind, body, and spirit?

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