Inspiring women and being healthy and fabulous aren’t the only things RyKia and I strive for. We are business partners and most importantly, we work together to raise my super-awesome grandson, Idris. 

Most people who know us know that my daughter, Rykia, and I are very close. Not only are we mom and daughter, but we’re also best frans! And, best friends share everything! Best friends also disagree and get annoyed with each other. 

We are super-excited to announce that we will make our television debut on the TLC show, sMothered!!!! We are cast in season 3 of this awesome show about moms and daughters who have….should I say…very unique relationships. You get to see our relationship dynamics, as well as other unique mommas and daughters. You get to see momma bear with her cubs!

What is your relationship like with your mom? Is your mom your best friend? 

We hope that you will tune in and join in the conversations about mothers/daughter relationships. And, make sure you follow us on all of the social media channels for more information about our work with TLC and our fitness business, Savvy Tusker Fitness.

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