We certainly come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, don’t we sis?

Let me be the first to say that I admire any woman who loves herself and displays confidence through every fiber of her being. I believe that wellness not only happens physically, but it is also mental. So, if any person is confident in their own skin, who am I so say she needs to make changes. That is a personal decision and I am just here to facilitate and guide the process for those who are ready for serious mind and body transformation.

Check this out and please share your thoughts in the comments.

I was having a casual conversation about relationships, eating healthy, growth…you know, all the things that we ladies like to discuss when we get together. A friend told me she has a friend who wants to lose weight but her man told her “do not lose an ounce of those hips and ass!” True story!

The girlfriends and I laughed about it and we certainly dived into the conversation and shared our opinions. Of course, my opinion was that she has to do what makes her happy and healthy and if he loves her then he will get over it and love her with a little less fat.

Another girlfriend suggested that she needs to make her man happy or he may find those curves elsewhere, if he’s really a BBW type of guy. The third and final sistah also felt that she needed to do what she feels is best for her.

I personally feel that any kind of self-improvement that is initiated by a mate should never be met with negativity. I hope the gentleman in this case wanted her to know just how much he loves her whether she’s slimmer or not, and maybe that was his sweet way of expressing the magnitude of his love.

However, words are powerful. Weight gain can be a very sensitive and serious topic for couples and there’s no assumptions. Imagine if she struggled to lose the weight due to stress then later he asked her what happened with her weight loss…duh…you said you like me with all of this!

In my opinion, be honest. It goes both ways because guys tend to get a little rounder in the waste area as they become more comfortable also.

What say you? Is it fair for a man to tell his woman not to lose weight in order to keep him satisfied physically/mentally? Would you be comfortable expressing to your man that he needs to shed a few pounds?


4 Comments on Help! He Likes My Fat and Curves

  1. I would be ok with him telling me if he told me in the correct way. My husband and I have both gained weight since we’ve married and if he suggested that we exercise together to get in better shape then I would be all for it but if he was negative or insulting about it, that would be a problem.

  2. I’ve been a plus size woman all my life. I’ve never had a problem finding a man at any weight. I’ve never had a man discuss my weight as a problem. I have however, had men who will support my attempts to get healthier for longevity of my life. I think a mate should be supportive, loving and caring regardless of your weight. I also think that you are attracted to what you like. My question is can you truly love someone that you aren’t physically attracted to?

    • Yes, I certainly agree that love is love, and if you love someone you will support them no matter what, but some people do find themselves in this situation.
      Thanks for responding sistah!

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