Our hearts are at the center of our lives, literally. It provides fresh blood throughout our bodies so that we may survive and function. It serves an enormous purpose!

Our heart is also the center of emotion, in my opinion. Think about it. When we feel happy about those we love, we think of them being our “heart and soul.” We speak cliches like “oh my heart” and “you make my heart happy.” Right?

On the flipside, we can feel heartbreak which is another intense emotion. Perhaps when we lose the people or things we cherish dearly we feel that our hearts are breaking, or if we lose a loved one through death we feel that same heart-crushing emotion.

You may ask what do these things have to do with cardio. Well, cardio is heart activity and because our heart is a muscle that , in my opinion, is connected to our emotions, we can heal it with exercise. In a way, it’s almost an innate action. Often times, when people feel stressed they may take a walk or exercise. It’s like our gut knows exactly what we need to heal. Cardio, or any other form of exercise can be a powerful way to heal from emotional trauma. It’s amazing how we were divinely created and every fiber of us works in sync together. Imagine this: a person experiences some type of emotional event, they choose exercise as a way to “keep their mind off of it,” endorphins released in the brain as a result of exercise causes them to feel encouraged and optimistic, in turn they become healthier…mind, body, and soul.

So grab your walking shoes and hit the trails, track, or treadmill for a 30 minute walk, run, and/jog to get your juices flowing and your heart pumping. When you’re done, you’ll be glad you did and you’ll feel like you can conquer the world!

I love that exercise is my routine that provides a double benefit. I get to increase my life expectancy through exercise and I get to connect spiritually, which allows me to see the brighter side of life’s issues.

Take time to heal your body and heart with a good dose of cardio. ❤

Be happy, be well.

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