When it comes to health and wellness, most people know that I have a passion for helping women transform their bodies. But, what people don’t know is that the mind, body, and soul part of my vision encompasses so many things. These things include expressing our feminine power! I may have touched on this idea of feminine power without really saying so by sharing with my followers that, as women, we can and should do the things that genuinely make us happy and content.

One may say that we do those things, but I’ve spoken with countless women, who come to me privately, about issues that they struggle with. Our conversation topics have ranged from should I get that tummy tuck to I’m just not happy in my marriage. I absolutely appreciate that these ladies sought me to share, vent, and get clarity about the things that were pressing them at those times.

Whether you’re expressing it to the world or to a close friend, feminine power requires boldness. I remember a time when I was timid and shy. I kept my thoughts and my desires to myself. Then, one day it all changed. I realized the power within me. I realized that I could make a difference in my own life by letting go of fear, speaking my mind, and in doing so I showed other women that they should go after their dreams as well. We don’t need anyone’s permission to be our authentic selves. That’s what self love is, right?

Someone recently asked me how I could be so “bold and daring” to discuss sex on television. They were referring to episode 2 of TLC’s sMothered. I, in turn, asked “how could I be so timid to not speak my truth?” Who decided what is acceptable and unacceptable for women to say and do? Of course, we have our own unique ways to express ourselves and people can agree or disagree, but there are so many layers to us as women, as humans. I believe we have inner gifts such as songs, service, courage, boldness, beauty, etc that can be used to heal others who are in need. How will we use those gifts if they stay hidden? There is power in our gifts and a certain level of confidence is required to express them. What are your hidden gifts? Have you expressed your feminine power lately?

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