It’s no secret that obesity is prevalent in the US. It’s also no secret that obesity is a factor of many serious health problems such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc.

RIght now, humanity is under attack by the COVID-19 virus and medical experts have announced that the Black community are at higher risk of death to this virus if we contract it in addition to already living with certain health ailments like those mentioned above.

So what do we do? Lose weight and get healthier!

The truth is, I live with high blood pressure, and I consider myself to be of normal weight and I exercise regularly. My health issues, I’m sure, is a result of genetics like so many others. But, that does not give me the excuse to not be proactive. Yes, I take my meds religiously, daily, but I also watch what I eat and exercise religiously also. Could I still die if I contract COVID? Of course, I could. My health issues would be a significant factor. However, I choose to be proactive in hopes that I strengthen my body and heart via exercise. I choose to be proactive by eating healthy and not saturating my arteries with unhealthy fat.

The time is now to be more conscious and “woke” about our reality as it pertains to our health. Whether it’s COVID, High BP, heart disease, stroke, gout….the list goes on. We know what we need to do and it starts with making a decision to be active and tracking what we eat.

Start here with an easy 1500 calorie meal plan to get you on the way to weight loss and better health. I know you will say this is doable.

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