A few weeks ago I came across a Facebook post that had been shared by thousands. It was a video of a group of senior women who were participating in a line dance. The post’s caption mentioned that the beautiful young lady leading the group was 80 years old. Well! I would have never guessed her to be anywhere close to 80 years old. This lady was so energetic and she had her group of friends very engaged as they did popular line dances to some very popular hip-hop and R&B music.

I took a few ideas and observations from that Facebook post: 1). Age doesn’t matter, it’s all about how you feel about yourself, 2) I may be able to move like that in my 80s if I continue to stay active and healthy, 3) women need a tribe of other women motivating and telling them to “get up, let’s go” and “you can do this sis” the same way the group leader had her group smiling and excited, 4) the fact that the video had been shared thousands of times means people who don’t even know those ladies are/were inspired…keep going because you never know who you’re inspiring.

I can imagine that the ladies in the post were too-hot-to-trot back in their younger days. I can see them being members of the school dance line, teaching dance, or just being a lover of our culture’s music and dance, and not afraid to express it.

I read a quote once that said our feet were made for walking, but dancing is their (feet) hobby. It makes sense to me. I absolutely love to dance. Do you? I believe a combination of the right music and the opportunity to move is bliss! Can you imagine hearing your favorite song and then your instructor tells you let’s do 20 jumping jacks? I’m certain the music would make it a lot easier to accomplish.

If you’re in the Calhoun County area of Alabama and would like to participate in a group fitness party, or if you have a group that would love a private fitness party, reach out to me at kmoss@savvytusker.com and let’s dance up a sweat!

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