I’m so excited to announce my new weight and wellness program, Curvy Girls Clique!

Yes, it’s for us, the modern females who love their curves but understands that we can still be healthy and fit while being sexy too!

I mean we all know that every woman wants to look and feel sexy, right?

This program is exciting because so many women just don’t have time to get a personal trainer. Or, their plate is so filled that they don’t want to commit to another single thing that may require them to go to the gym. Well, Curvy Girls Clique is the perfect program for anyone who want to get fit on their own time. Yes, fitness, nutrition, and mindset just by logging into a portal and completing tasks that will set you up for weight loss success!

Most of us know that in order to get healthy and fit, we need to cut back on our daily calories. However, so many people struggle with that for a number of reasons. One reason is they don’t know where to start. Another reason is that they don’t have accountability. Well that’s what Curvy Girls Clique is: an accountability and weight loss program that focuses on those very important components: mindset, fitness, and nutrition. Each of these are equally important to successful weight loss transformation.

I’ve designed this program so that self-awareness and self-love is central to this program because it’s so important that we work on our inner selves. How can we truly be healthy and fit, but not feel fabulous and confident.

This program is too awesome to fully describe in this post so if you’d like more information on joining my clique, just send me a message via email at kmoss@savvytusker.com, or you can DM me on any of my social media channels.

Cheers to becoming Healthy, Fit, and Fabulous with the Curvy Girls Clique!

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