We’ve heard the phrase “eat your veggies and fruit” for as long as we can remember. Our parents told us and we’ve told our kids that these are the most important foods to consume.

Fruit is certainly one of my favorites but did you know that all fruit isn’t created equally? Well, first let me say that eating fruit is a good thing. Mother earth did a divine creation when all of these natural, edible goodies sprouted from the earth.

Now, if you’re watching your calories and have a weight loss goal in mind I want you to consider your choices of fruit and the carb and sugar values that they carry.

Ok, so before I get into teacher-mode I want to say that veggies and fruit should be our main choices of carbs when trying to eat healthier. I am not saying don’t eat fruit, but be mindful of the ones you choose. AND, I believe that as long as you’re compensating high carb foods/fruit with exercise then you should be A-okay!


Bananas are one of my favorite fruits. There are so many snacks and meal options that you can use with bananas.  I love to slice it into my bran cereal, it’s great in whole-grain banana nut bread, but best of all it’s just a great snack to keep on the counter or desk when you need to grab a quick bite.  Although these are a popular and inexpensive fruit, they pack a whopping 27 grams of carbs. Tip: Eat half of a banana and store the other half in a ziplock bag for the next day, or eat them before they are fully ripe (less sugar content).


These are mighty sweet! Grapes come in so many varieties and colors. Green, seedless grapes are my favorite. These small fruits can be used to make wine, raisins, juice, jams, and they are great when just eaten alone. These bite-sized goodies are delicious but they are sugary as one cup of grapes has 23 grams of sugar per cup!!! Whoa! Don’t mindlessly eat these are you will run up your carb count very easily. Tip: Only eat half a cup of these before or after a hard workout.


First, let me say that I love pears for a couple of reasons. The first reason I love them is because they are my first choice for a natural cleanse. Yes! When I feel like my tummy and colon needs a smooth bowel movement that doesn’t involve over-the-counter supplements/meds, I make a supermarket run for pears, specifically the Bosc variety. These goodies have 23 grams of carbs and 3-4 grams of gut-cleaning fiber. Tip: Make sure you eat the pear skin where most of the nutrients are found. 


I will be honest and say that I’m not a fan of eating mango raw due to the stringy fibers that most varieties have. However, I love to cook with mango (my grilled mango pork is the bomb). These exotic fruits are very sweet and they boast about 46 grams of carbs per fruit, so be very conscious of your carb count when eating these. On the other hand, they have a modest fiber content which can be good for your gut. Tip: Cut your mango in half and share this juicy fruit with someone.

So, there you have it. A list of my favorite fruit that I am certain to eat only on high protein low carb days. 

If you love fruit too and would like more info on how to enjoy them without going over your daily carb allotment please reach out at kmoss@savvytusker.com. I’d love to share some of my high-carb hacks with you.


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