Curvy Girls Clique is here!

I’m so excited to announce my new weight and wellness program, Curvy Girls Clique! Yes, it’s for us, the modern females who love their curves but understands that we can still be healthy and fit while being sexy too! I mean we all know that every woman wants to look and feel sexy, right? This […]

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Fasting is More Than Physical

I love food. Food is good and it’s good for you. It provides the nutrients and energy we need to exist. A juicy piece of chicken with a side of veggies is a great choice when one needs a meal to motivate them to finish a task. And, a nice omelet with OJ is a […]

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Choose Your Fruit Wisely

We’ve heard the phrase “eat your veggies and fruit” for as long as we can remember. Our parents told us and we’ve told our kids that these are the most important foods to consume. Fruit is certainly one of my favorites but did you know that all fruit isn’t created equally? Well, first let me […]

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