Hormones, Belly Fat, and Heart Disease

I recently visited my doctor for a wellness check. I told her that I’m definitely noticing changes in my body that are very obvious. Although I am very health conscious, I must admit that these changes make me aware that I’m not getting younger and as I age there are some changes that are to […]

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Help! He Likes My Fat and Curves

We certainly come in a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes, don’t we sis? Let me be the first to say that I admire any woman who loves herself and displays confidence through every fiber of her being. I believe that wellness not only happens physically, but it is also mental. So, if any person […]

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Take Action and Take Off!

Take action and Take off

I can’t say enough about being an assertive decision maker for your personal life. It may sound kind of weird because most of us would think that making decisions are up to the individual person, but do you know how many people are indecisive about making positive life changes? Lots of people are! This is […]

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