Fasting is More Than Physical

I love food. Food is good and it’s good for you. It provides the nutrients and energy we need to exist. A juicy piece of chicken with a side of veggies is a great choice when one needs a meal to motivate them to finish a task. And, a nice omelet with OJ is a […]

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Dance Your Way to Healthy!

A few weeks ago I came across a Facebook post that had been shared by thousands. It was a video of a group of senior women who were participating in a line dance. The post’s caption mentioned that the beautiful young lady leading the group was 80 years old. Well! I would have never guessed […]

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Hormones, Belly Fat, and Heart Disease

I recently visited my doctor for a wellness check. I told her that I’m definitely noticing changes in my body that are very obvious. Although I am very health conscious, I must admit that these changes make me aware that I’m not getting younger and as I age there are some changes that are to […]

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