5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Season for Weight Loss

Fall is upon us! It will soon be time for long-sleeves, ankle boots, and…outdoor exercise! I absolutely love summer! For one, my birthday is in July so I’m a summer baby. And, summer is beach weather, which also means it’s hot, humid, and sticky. That doesn’t make for the best outdoor exercise weather. But fall, […]

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Dance Your Way to Healthy!

A few weeks ago I came across a Facebook post that had been shared by thousands. It was a video of a group of senior women who were participating in a line dance. The post’s caption mentioned that the beautiful young lady leading the group was 80 years old. Well! I would have never guessed […]

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Feminine Power is a Gift

When it comes to health and wellness, most people know that I have a passion for helping women transform their bodies. But, what people don’t know is that the mind, body, and soul part of my vision encompasses so many things. These things include expressing our feminine power! I may have touched on this idea […]

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