Savvy in 6: Get Back to Fitness in 6 Weeks

We are right at the start of the New Year and like always, people start focusing on making changes to improve their body through fitness. Six weeks is a great amount of time to jump start a fitness lifestyle. It’s not too long of a time that it feels like there will be no end […]

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Lost Weight A “FastHer” Way!

Weight loss and weight loss management is really one of the hardest goals to achieve. I mean, we all love food, and the unhealthiest foods always are the most delicious. Why did God make it this way…LOL. Why can’t we just eat what we want and keep a great body and figure? Well unfortunately, biology […]

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Savvy and Fit Seniors

Shout out to my Uniontown, AL seniors who have been participating in the Physical Activity for Life fitness program. These 7 ladies have been participating in Zoom fitness sessions with me for the past 8 weeks and they have been super motivated and a ton of fun to work with. As a senior fitness instructor, […]

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