Today has been absolutely wonderful for me. How has your day been so far?

I consider it a wonderful day when I actually complete all or most of the things on my to-do list, and in addition to that I find time to relax. So yea…it’s been great!

Are You Hungry or Bored?

I also realized something about my eating pattern on the weekend that is very different from my weekdays where things are more scheduled. I found that I am more prone to eating out of boredom during the weekend. Do you do that?

So, today was much like a weekday. As I mentioned, I had an extensive to-do list and that meant I was on the go and really didn’t really have time to munch on things. I realized several years ago that sometimes munching or snacking is actually a consequence of being bored and today was a great reminder of that.

“Okay?” you may be asking.

Well, think about it. When you’re working you put off eating until a set time (lunch) but when you’re not working or busy is when you’re prone to grabbing a snack.

Here’s a challenge for you.

Are you really hungry, or are you bored?

This is actually one of the practices that I share with clients and is a great strategy for being more mindful of what you eat and how many calories you’re taking in. You can easily do this with a calorie tracking app, but it’s also perfectly fine to jot down your foods in your phone’s notes or in a notebook.

Keep note of your eating pattern during a weekday/workday.

Do the same thing for a weekend day.

As you eat on each of those days, write down whether you’re actually hungry or you’re eating out of boredom.

Imagine how many unnecessary calories you can save by being mindful of your eating habits.  The key is to be mindful and eat when you need nourishment. ❤

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