I woke up today feeling refreshed, renewed, and energized, and it wasn’t because I had a laid-back yesterday. No, there wasn’t anything special going on for me. It was a typical, busy, and productive day. But, something happened before I laid my head on my pillow last night. I decided to take a moment and truly think about how grateful I felt. Yes, my day was busy but I finished my list. No, I didn’t get to exercise like I planned and that was okay as well.

Our days can be crazy or calm but at the end of it, before we lay our heads down to rest, we should stop to take a moment and be grateful. Grateful for life, grateful for family or friends who are there when we need them, grateful to do the work that we’ve chosen to do, grateful to serve others in some capacity or another.

I believe that being mindful and purposely feeling gratefulness can surely heal an empty soul. There are so many people who are in despair due to a slew of circumstances and I am grateful that, today, my current circumstances are manageable. When I look back on situations that I fought through, I remember that even on the hardest of days I managed to still be grateful and I swear to you that just the thought helped to pull me out of moments when I wanted to feel sorry for myself.

I believe that God allows things to happen in our lives and when we survive those things we are reminded of our many blessings. So what, you got stuck in traffic and was a little late for work. Be grateful that you have a job. Oh well, your spouse pissed you off! Be grateful that you have someone who has your back. Maybe you didn’t meet your weight loss goal for this month. It’s okay, remember where you started. It’s such a blessing to kiss the air, salute the sun, and be grateful just for being here.

Don’t let limiting beliefs fool you! You are amazing, you are here for a purpose, you will fulfill your destiny.

Wake up each day with a grateful heart and watch your purpose unfold in front of you. ♥

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