Are you a fan of sports? Do you have a favorite actor/actress? What about gymnastics? Simone Biles and Dominique Dawes had/have coaches, so did Whitney Houston. Did you know that behind every great success story is a great coach? As a life coach and personal trainer, the success of my clients depend on my consistent and thorough engagement with them. Their success is my goal and it is motivation for me to continue guiding others.

When I began to ponder on this notion of how a great coach influences change his/her client, I thought of UA coach Nick Saban. Coach Saban has been ranked the best college football coach of our day. He was hired to take his clients (the UA football organization) to the next level (multiple wins  and championships). Have you given yourself the opportunity to be coached, ever? A mentor is a coach. A therapist is a coach.

Becoming a mindset and transformation life coach caused me to change my mindset and transform my own way of thinking. It actually helped me to realize that I needed a coach, specifically a business coach. And guess what? It has been the best thing that I’ve ever done for my business. What kind of coach do you need? Relationship therapist/coach? Weight loss coach? Business coach? Voice coach? Life coach? The list can go on and on.

Before you decide what area of your life requires you invest in a coach I want to share with you some important things to know before you hire that special someone. And yes, there’s a reason that person needs to be special (see #4).

  1. Choose a coach who isn’t afraid to tell you the hard truth. A great coach won’t always be easy, but you’re not paying for easy. You’re investing in someone who will help you look at your problem from another perspective. Yet, the perspective comes with tools to help you make lasting improvements.
  2. Don’t be offended if your coach seems like a perfectionist. Your child’s football or gymnastics coach, your relationship therapist, etc know their shit! Yes, they will seem like they’re doing too much but it’s because they want you to be successful and until you do, their job isn’t complete. Don’t take their persistent guidance personally.
  3. Don’t hire a coach if you’re straddling the fence. Coaching is a real business. We usually are there to help people solve problems that will ultimately enhance their life. I highly suggest that anyone who considers hiring a coach is truly ready to invest in themselves and/or loved ones.
  4. Choose a coach who matches your energy. Back in 2007, I hired a fitness coach and by the second session I knew I would quit. I didn’t quit on my aspirations, but I quit on the coach. I just looked in the yellow pages and found a name, wrote a check, and showed up for my first session. It was horrible. He had no personality, he told me I looked good…🤷‍♀️…as if I didn’t really need his help. He should’ve listened to my needs. But, I should’ve shopped around. Choose a coach that feels right to your spirit. Understand what he/she has to offer and what outcomes you can expect.
  5. Do your part. If you don’t practice the voice lessons, if your child doesn’t go out and practice the cartwheels, if you and your partner don’t do the things the therapist suggested, if the team doesn’t run the play like the coach said…well, don’t blame the coach. Your shift depends just as much on you as it does your coach.

Are you a coach? Do you have a coach? I personally think every person should take the opportunity to hire a coach. Whether it’s for self improvement or learning a fun yet challenging new skill, learning from someone else is highly rewarding.

I’d love your feedback about your experience as a coach or as a client. ❤


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