Fall is upon us! It will soon be time for long-sleeves, ankle boots, and…outdoor exercise!

I absolutely love summer! For one, my birthday is in July so I’m a summer baby. And, summer is beach weather, which also means it’s hot, humid, and sticky. That doesn’t make for the best outdoor exercise weather.

But fall, oh fall! It is the absolute perfect time to set and start your healthy weight loss goals. This year, summer ends and fall begins on September 22. Will you be ready to join the rush of people who will be joining gyms and hitting the trails? Here are 5 reasons that fall is the perfect time to get started:

  1. The weather isn’t so humid so getting outside is more enjoyable and relaxing.
  2. Fall weather brings people out which is motivating to see others being active.
  3. Shedding some pounds before the holiday weight gain in November and December is a plus.
  4. The kids are usually busy in fall so you can exercise when they are at their practices.
  5. Most gyms start cheaper membership plans because they know it’s peak workout season.

If you haven’t made plans to get going in the fall, send me a message and join a crowd of women who have created intentions to be healthy and fit for a lifetime!

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